Living a Poptropica life… with robots S1 E2

UPDATE: I was bored, so I did it now.

“I hear you own the Mellow Mouse band,” Said a man in a black suit. His face was hidden in the shadows of his hat. “Yes I do.” I said. “I don’t really own them though. I am just keeping them until the restaurant is finished rebuilding.” I added. “You and your friends will perish. Return them now Or face your doom. They will get scrapped at the restaurant and the world will be safe from eh… not scrapping them.” The Man vanished. “Huh?” I said. Cuddly Knuckle was punching a punching bag behind me. “So… you are looking after a buncha robots?” Said Cuddly Knuckle. “Yeah, pretty much.” I replied. We watched some fat guy walking around with a sign. It read: “I’M POOR” I could tell he wasn’t poor because here on cryptids island things are so expensive and yet useless. I asked his name and he said his name was David and his dream was that it was raining chicken. “I know someone who could do that.” I said. Mellow crawled up to me. “Anything I can do?” She asked. “MAKE IT RAINING CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” David screamed. “Just to let you know, my signs of joy is when I fart or drool.” David said. ‘Ew,” I moaned. “You sure you want to do this?” Mellow asked. Cuddly Knuckle and I stared at David. Like he said, when he farts, he means yes. A chicken wing hit CK’s head. “YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S RAINING CHICKEN WINGS!” David shouted. He drooled,  as in: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon drumsticks were dropping on our arms, Chicken nuggets banging on our feet and chicken wings were falling from CLOUDS. “I have a idea… SELFIE :3” I said. This went better than expected. we were talking all day and eating chicken! The man came back. “You have until sunrise to return them, or else



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