Living a poptropica life… With robots S1 E1

I was just relaxing at a restaurant, (not the best place to chill, eh?) Watching a big pink bunny perform on the stage. I could tell it was a robot because of it’s bare metal parts.  I bet this thing was actually creeping the kids out. Suddenly, the robot broke down. they took him off stage, and then a person in a costume went out onto stage. I think this person has been getting obsessed with horror movies because she wasn’t saying things right. Once I finished eating my pizza, The restaurant was closing for the night. I watched the pink bunny head inside the curtain with a tool box. I never knew pink bunnies could be mechanics. She just needs overalls and she is complete! I was 11 during that time. 2 years later the restaurant was sued and closed down for harming a child with the bunny’s robotic parts. I was 13. I walked towards the restaurant. I saw a soggy, ripped newspaper under my foot. I took my foot off and saw a picture of the bunny with a cat and a hamster. And they gotten names this time. Ben was for the bunny, (now the bunny is a boy and is blue) Cassie was the cat, and the hamster was Harry. Not too shabby names I guess. And it said it was going to be a grand re opening in the next 3 years. I was excited. I was going there since I was a baby! The best part was… Wait a second. There was a mouse too. Mellow was her name. I saw a sneak peek picture of her and I just knew that She was going to be my favorite one. When I went there in the next 3 years a toddler ripped off Harry’s face. Pulled off Ben’s ear. And rewired Cassie’s tail. Mellow saw what was going on and climbed up the wall. They banished the toddler from the place and Mellow was the only one who didn’t get scrapped. They reopened the place once again and this time, Mellow from last time was the main attraction. They modified her with blush and covered her bare robot parts. “Hello Kids! Let’s play!” Mellow shouted. Anyways, Ben was a long lost idea now. Harry and Cassie was still there though. But not the same Cassie and Harry.  I looked behind the curtain.There was Ben, Cassie and Harry there. “Hello my friend.” Harry said in a glitched voice. I ran to the other side. “It’s a fun paradise, who would want to leave?” Cassie said. I ran out of the curtain.”Join u-u-u-sss.” Said Ben. “Please everyone under the age of 6 please evacuate with your parents. This won’t be pretty!” Announced Mellow. The new Cassie got her guitar. The new Harry Threw a drum at Ex-Harry. Mellow closed the curtain and ran out. Cassie and Harry followed. Everyone in the Restaurant ran out. A unreleased robot for the next reopening named Bella the Beaver chewed the building with her amazingly strong teeth. the building collapsed along with Ex-Harry, Cassie, and Ben. Mellow And her friends seemed sad though. ‘What is wrong?” I asked. “We have no where to live.” Answered Mellow. “You can live with me.” I said. All of the robots thanked me.


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