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Below Zero S1 E1 “Extra hard crust”

I was working at a pizzeria. It was hard when you couldn’t keep your customers happy with extra hard crust pizza. We were running low on normal crust pizza. Our oven wasn’t working properly, so the pizza turned extra hard. We need more money to buy a new one. But how are we supposed to do that with unhappy customers? We heard the bell ring. “About time we had a customer,” I said.

2 more people came in with ping pong paddles and a ball. “No playing in the pizzeria please,” I said, groaning.

“Who cares about rules?” the 2 people said.

They started playing. The customer looked at me. “Two pizza slices with holes in them, please.” the man said.

“Extra hard crust, can’t poke through it. And why would you need holes in them?” I said.

I held up the pizza slices. ” paying 30,000 bucks for it,” he replied.

I didn’t know what to do. This was our opportunity to get a new oven. But how would I make a hole in the pizza? Suddenly, someone shot a ping pong ball and it smashed through the kitchen window. The chef opened the oven and the ball went into the oven. After a moment it shot out and it was on fire. It went into the vent and popped up in front of me and burnt a hole in both slices of the pizza. “AWESOME!” the person said.

I couldn’t believe it. He gave me the money. I looked at the pizza. I took a picture of it. Then I gave him the pizza. I had to talk to the manager about unbanning playing in the pizzeria.

I am starting to feel okay about going to Reality TV island.

I just realized…

someone emailed me that the series I am doing is related to something called fnaf… I did some research and I fainted after. Why? IT’S A HORROR GAME. It’s on the app store, and no, I am not trying it out. I will only do it if 300 people dare me. I will be introducing 3 new characters later on in the series.

Poptropicon Episode 3, now out for everyone!/Inactivity. (No, I’m not leaving XD)

Hi guys and girls! I’m sorry for not posting on the ROP for a bunch of weeks due to school, computer problems, and other blogs. Anyways, this is the first post on ROP about Poptropica News-Poptropicon Episode 3, Reign of Omegon, is now out for everyone!

Screenshot 2015-04-18 11.52.24

I completed this island and it was awesome! I had a hard time in some parts, but defeating the final boss was AMAZING!!! So if you want to defeat Omegon in Pop right now, just GO COMPLETE POPCON EPISODE 3!


And before I end this post, I want to tell you something; I will take my final exams in school for the next 4 weeks, so I will be inactive. Don’t remove me from the ROP, Rare Power. I’m not leaving this blog. I’ll start posting again after my exams are over 😉

Anyways… I think that’s pretty much it. PEACE OUT!

-Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur

Living a Poptropica life… with robots S1 E2

UPDATE: I was bored, so I did it now.

“I hear you own the Mellow Mouse band,” Said a man in a black suit. His face was hidden in the shadows of his hat. “Yes I do.” I said. “I don’t really own them though. I am just keeping them until the restaurant is finished rebuilding.” I added. “You and your friends will perish. Return them now Or face your doom. They will get scrapped at the restaurant and the world will be safe from eh… not scrapping them.” The Man vanished. “Huh?” I said. Cuddly Knuckle was punching a punching bag behind me. “So… you are looking after a buncha robots?” Said Cuddly Knuckle. “Yeah, pretty much.” I replied. We watched some fat guy walking around with a sign. It read: “I’M POOR” I could tell he wasn’t poor because here on cryptids island things are so expensive and yet useless. I asked his name and he said his name was David and his dream was that it was raining chicken. “I know someone who could do that.” I said. Mellow crawled up to me. “Anything I can do?” She asked. “MAKE IT RAINING CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” David screamed. “Just to let you know, my signs of joy is when I fart or drool.” David said. ‘Ew,” I moaned. “You sure you want to do this?” Mellow asked. Cuddly Knuckle and I stared at David. Like he said, when he farts, he means yes. A chicken wing hit CK’s head. “YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S RAINING CHICKEN WINGS!” David shouted. He drooled,  as in: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon drumsticks were dropping on our arms, Chicken nuggets banging on our feet and chicken wings were falling from CLOUDS. “I have a idea… SELFIE :3” I said. This went better than expected. we were talking all day and eating chicken! The man came back. “You have until sunrise to return them, or else


Living a Poptropica life… With robots S1 E2 P1 sneak peek

E2 will release in April and will be a cliffhanger. Don’t worry; Part 2 will also release in April. It will end at a random sentence to make you like: OMG WHAT HAPPENED DUSNSDHFBDHJBGUHFBD U CAN’T END NOW Just a little few sentences:

“You sure you want to do this?” Mellow asked. Cuddly Knuckle and I stared at David. Like he said, when he farts, he means yes. A chicken wing hit CK’s head. “YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S RAINING CHICKEN WINGS!” David shouted. He drooled,  as in: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon drumsticks were dropping on our arms, Chicken nuggets banging on our feet and chicken wings were falling from CLOUDS.

That’s it for today!

Living a poptropica life… With robots S1 E1

I was just relaxing at a restaurant, (not the best place to chill, eh?) Watching a big pink bunny perform on the stage. I could tell it was a robot because of it’s bare metal parts.  I bet this thing was actually creeping the kids out. Suddenly, the robot broke down. they took him off stage, and then a person in a costume went out onto stage. I think this person has been getting obsessed with horror movies because she wasn’t saying things right. Once I finished eating my pizza, The restaurant was closing for the night. I watched the pink bunny head inside the curtain with a tool box. I never knew pink bunnies could be mechanics. She just needs overalls and she is complete! I was 11 during that time. 2 years later the restaurant was sued and closed down for harming a child with the bunny’s robotic parts. I was 13. I walked towards the restaurant. I saw a soggy, ripped newspaper under my foot. I took my foot off and saw a picture of the bunny with a cat and a hamster. And they gotten names this time. Ben was for the bunny, (now the bunny is a boy and is blue) Cassie was the cat, and the hamster was Harry. Not too shabby names I guess. And it said it was going to be a grand re opening in the next 3 years. I was excited. I was going there since I was a baby! The best part was… Wait a second. There was a mouse too. Mellow was her name. I saw a sneak peek picture of her and I just knew that She was going to be my favorite one. When I went there in the next 3 years a toddler ripped off Harry’s face. Pulled off Ben’s ear. And rewired Cassie’s tail. Mellow saw what was going on and climbed up the wall. They banished the toddler from the place and Mellow was the only one who didn’t get scrapped. They reopened the place once again and this time, Mellow from last time was the main attraction. They modified her with blush and covered her bare robot parts. “Hello Kids! Let’s play!” Mellow shouted. Anyways, Ben was a long lost idea now. Harry and Cassie was still there though. But not the same Cassie and Harry.  I looked behind the curtain.There was Ben, Cassie and Harry there. “Hello my friend.” Harry said in a glitched voice. I ran to the other side. “It’s a fun paradise, who would want to leave?” Cassie said. I ran out of the curtain.”Join u-u-u-sss.” Said Ben. “Please everyone under the age of 6 please evacuate with your parents. This won’t be pretty!” Announced Mellow. The new Cassie got her guitar. The new Harry Threw a drum at Ex-Harry. Mellow closed the curtain and ran out. Cassie and Harry followed. Everyone in the Restaurant ran out. A unreleased robot for the next reopening named Bella the Beaver chewed the building with her amazingly strong teeth. the building collapsed along with Ex-Harry, Cassie, and Ben. Mellow And her friends seemed sad though. ‘What is wrong?” I asked. “We have no where to live.” Answered Mellow. “You can live with me.” I said. All of the robots thanked me.

Rare Knuckle!

Hi guys and girls! I’m Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur, proud to be part of Rarity of Poptropica (Thanks Rare Power for hiring me! :-D) Anyways, here’s some things about me.

I am sometimes really crazy and funny, and a big fan of Owl City, Wiz Khalifa, and lots of other awesome music artists, and loved to play Poptropica so much since I was in elementary school, (My username is hesnothappy if you want to friend me) and other games and virtual worlds. I have my own blog, Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog!!! plus I am an editor in Kurtbushg’s Poptropica Blog and now this one. (Thanks again Rare!)

I will try to post as much as I can and let you know when I get inactive. CYA in my next post!

-Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur

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